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The Birth Of Your Authentic Self Is A Big Deal!

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

The Birth Of Your Authentic Self Is A Big Deal!

“To Thine Own Self Be True, And It Must Follow, As The Night The Day, Thou Canst Not Then Be False To A Man” ~ Shakespeare

“To thine own self be true” is powerful statement…

When we finally learn those lessons we begin the journey of our life’s path. From that, we realize what our purpose is and begin to live our life from our authentic self.

As we continue on our path, we may take classes, go to lectures, attend webinars, read self-help books or even have a mentor to learn more about how we can execute our purpose.

We really begin to see the enlightenment from the things we are learning; not only from classes we are taking, but within that, we are learning who we really are. As we let go of old past hurt and social conditioning, we learn to love who we are with unconditional love.

Like An Onion, You Peel Away The Layers…

As you peel away the many layers of the old, yucky stuff, you finally get to the beautiful heart of who you really are. Many of the outer layers of the onion are labels of your identity that placed you in categories relative to other people. You might identify yourself by your gender, race, occupation or political views.

A lot of these labels were given to you by birth or other circumstances. None of these are truly who you really are. These labels are categorized, comparative identifiers and preferences of your ego.

The more you live in the outer façade of your reality, the less you are able to focus attention on your inner selves. This can occur from things such as social conditioning, old belief systems, bullying, etc. They are a fear-based reaction that occur when you receive negative feedback from others. You tend to retreat your authentic thoughts to the safe zone within yourself. It might feel safe in the short term but it is actually hurting you in the long run.

As you work through these mucky layers of your onion, you begin to feel comfortable with who you truly are supposed to be. You begin to step into the power of yourself, which is your authentic self.

As you learn to trust your authentic self, you look within to seek the answers to your life’s purpose. Your authentic self has the answers within you. When you tap into that knowing and listen to what it tells you, it guides you in your daily choices to live the life you truly desire.

Trusting Your Inner Knowing…

Some of you may ask the question, “How can you tell if this inner knowing is my authentic self or my Ego?” The answer to that is: the voice of your authentic self comes from a much deeper place, such as your soul level. The voice of your authentic self is real and the truest form of yourself, unlike the ego, which can hold you back and keep you from doing what you are meant to do.

Make friends with your ego and invite it come along with you in your life’s path. Always listen to your authentic-self voice. 

When you make choices that resonate with your life’s purpose, you will know that you are in alignment with your true self. There could be times where you are tested in your choices.

For instance, while you and a friend are on a hike you both approach a stream and your friend starts to walk across it. In a split second, your authentic voice says, “Stop your friend and do not walk across that stream, it is too deep.” When you hear this voice, as you begin practicing to listen to it, ask if this is your ego or authentic self speaking to you. Try to discern where this sensation is coming from. Is it your ego trying to protect you as a survival instinct? Usually you would feel an unsettled feeling of fear in your gut. Or is it your all-knowing authentic self providing this information and giving you a sense of confidence, guiding you through this? If your inner response resonates this way with you then you know it is your inner knowing. It is in your best interest to trust it.

Living in the space of authenticity involves trusting and loving yourself unconditionally. Always be true and fluid with your beliefs of who you are. Always trust and listen to your inner knowing, not letting others put you in their box. Be true to yourself through your thoughts, words and actions.

It also means walking away from a relationship, friendship or any situation that that compromises your truth. For example, if you are in a job where you have to modify who you really are and it does not line up with your truth, then it is time to do something that aligns with your truth.

Will you always be on point in living your truth? Probably not. Always remember, we get tested by others and situations all the time. But the more you are in tuned with your truth, the less negativity you will have in your life.

Strive For Excellence By Honoring Your Truth…

With intentions of being true to yourself, focus your attention on what resonateswith your truth. The more you practice, it becomes an automatic process where you will do more and more of the things that express your truth and less of what does not align with you.

Hold yourself accountable through clear intention and paying attention to your inner knowing. Through commitment and discipline, you will learn to live your truth as you honestly know it to be. When you show up authentically, you create the space for others to do the same. Live your truth. This will have a profound impact on you.

It matters not what others think. Love who you are and be YOU!

“Happiness Is When You Think, What You Say And What You Do Are In Harmony” ~Mahatma Gandhi

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