• Todd Le Bouef

A channeled message of encouragement from Archangel Gabriel.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

“Hello My Dear Ones,I know that there is a lot of chaos in the world today. There is a lot of hate going on surrounding the recent election of the incoming US President. Everyone is torn and upset about the results of this election. Due to sensationalism of the media and propaganda of the Government parties, it is creating your fear. Do not live on the side of fear, live on the side of love. Love will always prevail my dear ones. Always, always stay in the vibration of love. All of you Lightworkers agreed to take on this job to spread your light, love and positive vibrations to all who come in contact with you. But also to shine your light the world at large. To shine your light on their path to help them awaken and join the forces of the Lightworker team. As the vast numbers of Lightworkers increase, the more Lightworkers can ward off the hate of the world. This shift towards the New Vibrant Earth has been occurring for many many years my dear ones. Now is the time that the shift is about to erupt, to release the negative energies so something beautiful that comes from this toxic environment. Remember, out of negative comes beautiful positive energies. This is where we Lightworkers come in. To help in the transition towards the New Vibrant Earth. To guide others towards this new positive shift. To make this a beautiful Earth where only love exists. All of us Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Spirit Guides and so on are working very diligently from our vibration frequencies to help in this rough period and to ensure a smooth as possible transition. However, we need the help of all of you Lightworkers on Earth. Between us and you, we can push away the hatred and show love. Stay strong, shine your light and love. Guide the way. Love Love Love is the only way. Thank you for all you do my Dear Lightworkers. We love you.”

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